Install Scyon Linea Weatherboards 52% faster with CladMate!

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CladMate holds and supports Scyon Linea so you can install it by yourself!

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Install Scyon Linea weatherboards up to 52% faster in 4 easy steps

WeatherBoard Installation

At approximately one-third of your Scyon Linea weatherboards overall length from either end, place each CladMate’s blade under the bottom edge of the weatherboard and slide upward. 

WeatherBoard Installation

Engage the handle for a snug fit. Don’t over tighten, as it can cause the clamp to pull away from the wall.

Installing Scyon Linea

Carefully lower your next weatherboard into CladMate’s slots.

Installing Scyon Linea

Fix the Scyon Linea boards as per James Hardies recommendations. Remove both CladMates and repeat steps 1 through 4 as you work upward to the top of the wall. 

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Must Have For Linea

Blair Verified Buyer

Made installing Scyon weatherboards a lot easier. We have a construction company and decided to use our guys to install the Linea boards instead of contracting out the job. With this tool I didn't need to pay two employees to hang the weatherboards, it is a one person job with this helpful tool. Worth the purchase.

Worth Every Penny!

Stuart Verified Buyer

Might be the most useful tool I have owned. I am a DIY homeowner that had never done Scyon Linea. I did about 400 square meters area and loved these things. Cannot imagine doing weatherboards without them.

A Great Idea That Works

Zachariah Verified Buyer

Being a professional Carpenter I highly recommend these for production weatherboards. They really do make a difference and speed things up. I'd say the company's estimate of saving half the time during labor is conservative, and your accuracy is 100% with these clamps.

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