Install weatherboards 52% faster with CladMate!

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CladMate holds and supports weatherboards so you can install them by yourself!

It's Like Having 4 Hands!

The patented designed CladMate clamps to each board, working as a pair, to hold and support the next board for fixing. It acts as your second set of hands to securely support heavy full-length weatherboards, minimising installation time and producing excellent results board after board. Suitable for use with James Hardie 16mm Scyon Linea weatherboards.

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Install fibre cement weatherboards up to 52% faster in 4 easy steps

At approximately one-third of your weatherboards overall length from either end, place each CladMate’s blade under the bottom edge of the weatherboard and slide upward. 

Engage the handle for a snug fit. Don’t over tighten, as it can cause the clamp to pull away from the wall.

Carefully lower your next weatherboard into CladMate’s slots.

Fix weatherboard as per manufacturer’s recommendations. Remove both CladMates and repeat steps 1 through 4 as you work upward to the top of the wall. 

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Must Buy

Tyrell Verified Buyer

Huge time saver! My helper was able to install weatherboards on a scaffold by himself easier than if 2 people were up on the scaffold doing it together. I was able to stay on the ground and cut siding the entire job. My second man was free to help carry the heavy weatherboards to the cut bench and keep the job site clean. It was like purchasing a third helper for 1/100th of the price.

Great for Weatherboards!

Darwin Verified Buyer

So good, so worth it. It's like having 4 hands. Going up a ladder with a weatherboard, a nailer, and a level, you still do not need another person to help you with this. If you are working alone, I actually am not sure how you clad the house without these. I'm sure you would have to fabricate something similar. Even working with another person, I found these to be amazing...

A Great Idea That Works

Zachariah Verified Buyer

Being a professional Carpenter I highly recommend these for production weatherboards. They really do make a difference and speed things up. I'd say the company's estimate of saving half the time during labor is conservative, and your accuracy is 100% with these clamps.


Allows you to install weatherboards by yourself, at 2 times the speed. No more chalking lines!


A simple and seamless 2 step process. Insert and Engage. No thinking required!


Made from high-grade steel & aluminium, built for the toughest tradie

"It turns a two person job into a one person job!"

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